Are your pets a part of your family? Do you wish you had more photos of them? Animals are a big part of our lives. This is especially true of pets, who very quickly steal our hearts and become a part of the family. Their personalities are always unique and their company is usually therapeutic. Unless you’ve found that your new puppy has just chewed holes in the futon… But you know you’ll forgive her anyway!! Those big brown eyes... and the little floppy ears…

Anyway. I grew up with all kinds of pets, including cats, dogs, rats, mice, snakes, guinea pigs, chickens, birds, fish, and a whole lot more. Because of this, I have experience in dealing with a wide range of animals and I know all about the patience that is needed when working with them.

A pet photography session is a great way to document your pet’s personality and the bond they have with your family. Just like family or portrait photography sessions, I am available for sessions in your own home or at a location that you and your pet like to visit together. If you have been thinking about photographing your pet (or even if you haven’t!) contact me to book a session. For more information about booking, head over to this page.
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