Dress Ups
Model Call!!
I had so much fun with this session that I'd like to try another! I'm looking for 2-4 year old girls or boys who can wear their mother's wedding dress or father's wedding suit . You will get an 8x10 print and matching social media file after your session. There are some requirements that you will need to meet:
- You and your child need to be available for a 30 minute photography session at your home between 21 June and 4 July 2021. 
- You will need to pay a $50 deposit to book a session. This will be refunded after your session, or you can use it to purchase more portraits if you'd like to.
- You will need to take two quick photos and email them to marnie.mcnicol@gmail.com. One of your wedding dress or suit (shoes, bouquet etc optional). This is so we know that everything is okay and there are no nasty surprises when you dig up your dress or suit. The second photo should be the room in your house with the biggest window. This could be a living area or main bedroom. This is so I can work out what kind of lighting equipment I might need to bring. 
- Portraits of your child will be used for promotion and marketing, both online and in print. Your child's name will not be published unless you are okay with it (and this will be the first name only, with no other details). You will need to give consent for me to use photos of your child.
Click here to apply. Applications close at midnight on Sunday 27 June 2021. I will get in touch with successful applicants to schedule sessions in the week following.