When was the last time you had photos taken? Is it time you updated them? Contact me to organise a relaxed and candid photography session that captures the natural moments in your life as they happen. I have a range of different photography sessions available, including family, children, newborn, and pet sessions. I am available for special events and have recently started taking wedding bookings. Photography sessions can always be customised with your needs in mind. You'll also find information on how to book a photography session, tips on planning your session and what happens afterward on this page.
Photography sessions and packages
Photography sessions start at $205 and include 1 hour of photography in your home or at a location of your choice. A maternity and newborn photography package is available for $305, which includes two separate photography sessions to celebrate the new addition to your family. Remember that your session booking fee becomes credit for you to purchase printed portraits and art. Wedding photography packages are available to suit all kinds of weddings. Wedding packages include planning, photography on your wedding day, and credit for purchasing printed portraits and art. For more information on printed portraits and art products available, wander over this way

Gift vouchers are available for purchase. There are no set amounts, so you are free to decide how much you’d like to spend. Vouchers are great for birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or even just because. They can be used for photography sessions, printed portraits or landscape and nature art prints. 
How to book a photography session
The first step is to get in touch! We will then talk about the kinds of portraits that you would like and how you might want to display them. We can talk on the phone or we can meet up somewhere to chat. If you love coffee as much as I do, I’m happy to talk with you over a cuppa!! Doing this means that we can work out what you need and you can let me know if there are any ideas that you’d like to try during your photography session. At this point, I can also help you with clothing ideas, accessories or props if you need it.

Once we decide on a date and time for your session, I’ll get you to sign an agreement either in person or using an online form. It will contain information about your booking, session details, your fees, and an estimated time you can expect your portraits to be ready. Your booking fee is due at the time of signing your agreement and can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, cash or online using the details I send to you. Your booking date is not held or confirmed until payment is made in full. Your booking fee will later become credit for you to use when purchasing your portraits.

If you can’t make it to your session, you need to let me know. I understand that people get sick and things happen in life that we often have no control over. We can try to reschedule your photography session for another time, but you do need to give me as much notice as you can.

How to prepare for your photography session
The best location is usually a place that means something for you and your family. This could be somewhere that your family like to visit together (such as a park, field, beach or forest), or even your family home. Have a think about this. What does your family like to do together? What kind of places do you like to go? Can you think of a place that you already like? If you can think of answers to these questions, I might be able to help you with some suggestions.

The best time for outdoor photography sessions is around an hour or two before sunset. There is a little more flexibility if the photography session is happening in your home. Wherever possible, it is always good to consider nap times when including children, as well as meal times. Don’t come to a photography session hungry! If you do, it will be hard to have a good time and this will be obvious in your portraits. It can be helpful to bring snacks along, especially if kids are involved. Treats for pets are a must as well.

It’s important to coordinate outfits without perfectly matching. Gone are the days when families all wear jeans and matching white shirts. Start by having a look at your family’s wardrobe. Make sure that you all wear similar tones from colours within the same family. A good rule of thumb is to pick three colours that go well together and make sure everyone is wearing at least two of them. Darker tones tend to me more flattering and make faces more of a focus in portraits. If you need to, add in some coloured jewellery, headbands, scarves or hats that match your chosen colour scheme to help tie everything together. Avoid clothing with logos, stripes or busy prints and patterns. Plain, solid coloured clothing works best. Not only do colours need to work together, but styles do too. If one of you is dressing up, everyone else needs to as well. If one person is wearing a more casual style outfit, then you all need to. You also need to be comfortable. If you are wearing clothes that make you feel self-conscious, your portraits won’t look natural or relaxed. You may need to bring a change of clothes for the kids, just in case! It will help if you lay out all your outfits in one place so you can see how they will all look together. If you aren’t sure, snap a quick photo on your phone and send it to me. If you still aren’t sure where to start, Pinterest is full of ideas of what to wear, as well as what not to wear. I know from experience that it's so much harder to dress a baby bump, so if you're having a maternity session have a look at Mama Rentals to see what you can find. Clients who book a maternity photography session may be eligible for a 15% discount with Mama Rentals. Contact me to find out more.

Feel free to bring props to your photography session if you like. Props are personal to you and will help your family to be themselves. These could be balloons, games, favourite toys, books, bubbles, a picnic, etc. Pet toys can be very useful if your pet is joining in on your photography session.

Hair and makeup
What you do with your hair and makeup is entirely up to you. If you would like to have hair and makeup done, this is something that you will need to organise. Remember to allow plenty of time so that you aren’t late to your photography session. Check the weather forecast and plan to have your hair up if it’s looking windy. Make sure you have spare bobby pins and hair ties on hand as well. If you decide to do your own hair and makeup, make sure you don’t try anything you don’t normally do. Your photography session is not the time to realise that something isn’t quite working out how you would like! With makeup, less is often more, especially if you’d like your portraits to look quite natural. Make sure you also check your nail polish for chips if you’re wearing any.

Feel free to look for inspiration in other portraits. Pinterest is great for this. If you find an idea or concept that you like, let me know. We can work together to incorporate it into your photography session and build it into something that is yours. Let me know if you have any ideas of your own!

The photography session
I will meet you at your home or at the location we decided on while planning your photography session so we can make your portraits. I will probably get you to do a few different things by giving you some very general guidance on what to do. It might be something like, ‘let’s go into another room and do…’ or ‘walk in that direction as a group’. I like natural moments the best, so I’ll try not to do this too much so that you (and your family or pets) have a chance to keep on doing your own thing. Remember, not everyone needs to be looking at my camera and smiling the whole time!

What happens after your session
I will back up your portraits and make extra copies as soon as your photography session has finished so they’re nice and safe! I’ll go through your portraits and choose the very best ones to retouch. I will correct things like colours, shadows and highlights so they look their best. This selection and editing process can take 2-4 weeks. I don’t usually do extensive editing or make changes to body shapes. I can still do this kind of heavier editing if it is something you would like, but it will take longer and there will be additional fees.

I will contact you when your portraits are ready so we can book a reveal and ordering session. In this session you will see your portraits for the first time and use your credit to purchase the portrait art that you would like. I will then order your portrait art for you. Shipping times can vary, but portrait art usually arrives within 2-6 weeks from the date it was ordered. I will contact you to let you know when everything is ready for pick up or drop off.
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